Enfermeria Humanistica

Enfermeria Humanistica
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martes, 4 de junio de 2013

(AAT) Animal Assisted Therapy in Nursing Interventions

Animal assisted therapy or AAT is a therapeutic intervention grounded on the research of human and animal bonding. Since the 1970s research has been linking health and well being to cohabitation with animals through repeated qualitative and quantitative studies. AAT is a healing modality that can essentially lower blood pressure , ward off or delay the onset of the disease and aging process and has been proven to alert patients whom suffer from epilepsy of impeanding attack because animals can sence what is called the aura a unique symptom related to the unset of a  convulsion. AAT is important in the prevention of illness and in the prevention of comorbid events such as falls .Animal assisted therapy is implemented as an adjunct therapy used by nurses in extended care fascilitiesfor geriatric patients whom may be at risk for cognotive deficits and whom suffer from affective disorders such as depression.AAT plays a significant role in the health of ill patients; but also in the existence of man kind and in the cohabitation of society as a whole ; approximatly 58.9% of american home coexist with an animal companion""a small pet is often an excellent companion for the sick ;especially for long chronic cases"" (Nightengale F,1860).


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