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domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

Que es (Stranger Danger) ? Sus Hijos estaN Adiestrados ?

Child Safety in the 21th Century
     According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations over 2 million children disappear every year (XL Defense Team, 2012) most recently the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development’s Study on Early Childhood (NICHD), 2012) firmly established the importance of quality care to the wellbeing of children, yet the problems identified over 30 years ago, inadequate training and education are still vexing today (Hertzberg et al, 2000; Keagan et al, 2008 & Whitehook, 2003.
     Current e estimates indicate that more than half of 12 million US children under age six spend time in the regular care of someone other than a parent in the typical week, and 85% of these by the time they reach kindergarten (Guzman et al, 2009), these arraignments include formal and informal care settings; community health can be enhanced as well as pediatric patients safety through the utilization of relationship models in pediatric health management.
     Technology can serve to protect children through diverse modalities and ensure that ill children are cared for while parents work according to prescriptive  and that they remain safe in there surrounding were adequate developmental requirements are met. One of these modalities is including stranger danger into the children’s activities as well as telephone defense skills and cyber bullying risk, redesigning and improving codes and maintaining support systems to needy rural communities, identification of protection gaps  and incorporating a collaborative relationship between child, siblings, care giver , technology and parents is of utmost importance ,especially during natural disasters and other emergencies children must have basic self protection skills
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